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>I've been through a couple of wars, having enlisted during the Vietnam
>and retired shortly after the Persian Gulf conflict—now calle the "Southeast
>Asia" and "Southwest Asia" Campaigns—with the Granada incident sandwiche
>in between.
>War is not causal, because war is an effect, a symptom if you will, of a
>breakdown of politics and diplomacy. Granted that everyone is in competition
>for the same resources, it's nevertheless true that cooperation between
>competitors is better for both than any possible result of conflict between
>them. War is always—or, more correctly, SHOULD always be a last resort.
>Everyone wants to win and some even like to fight, but we all prefer to win
>without grief.
>As Gundam 0080 so aptly showed us, the only people who are enthusiastic about
>war are those who are blithely innocent of its realities.
>Those who claim that we "progress" or "evolve" through conflict are mistaking
>technological and engineering innovation for progress and evolution. An
>dinosaur or pincered beetle is not more highly evolved than a flying
dinosaur or
>butterfly, only better protected against a certain class of carnivorous
>predator. Forging swords isn't progress, but beating them into plowshares
>Progress comes AFTER the war, when the innovations are applied to cooperative

I know that I may have sounded casual about violence and war, and I
apologize for that. How can I explain how I feel? I don't like war, but i
do see that it is one of the forces driving human development, no matter
how ugly that fact is. I do not wish to fight, and yet I will gladly do so
if I have to protect the people I care for. I really wish that there would
be an end to war, but at the same time, I do not wish to be a victim of it
if it comes to my doorstep. I would gladly hand in my personal weapons to
the authorities if they can assure me that there will be no need for it.
But until such time as I can feel safe (people, Manila is not in very good
shape right now, just like the rest of my country; if you guys want to go
here, tell me so I can tell you guys what precautions to take so that you
guys can enjoy my country without getting hassled), I will strive for
peace, but prepare to defend myself if necessary.

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