Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 16 Aug 2000 23:18:22 -0700

>yeah, though Crossbone Gundam (one of my new favorites thanks to
>www.wingzero.net for having those manga scans available on-line) and V
>Gundam have core fighters... but i do see the dificulties with the core
>fighter concept.. what are the odds that your mobile suit will be so
>severly crippled that it will be difficult if not immpossible to return
>homeunder it's own power.. yet the core fighter will remain largely

The Crossbone Gundam's core fighter is more like the kind from G Gundam
than the typical Core Block system from UC Gundams. Later in the manga
you will see how it can be used creatively in fighting when your MS is

>wow, what with populatoins of millioins upon millions of people living
>in space i would have thought there would be mroe than a handfull of
>newtypes in al that bunch.. or were ther really a higher proportion of
>newtypes to oldtypes than these numbers suggest, only the rest are beter
>at hiding/avoiding 'recruitment'? something to make you go hmmmmmmm...

There should be quite a few of them out there, I am pretty sure a number
of them have been successfully avoiding military recruitment...


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