Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 16 Aug 2000 23:53:52 -0700

>Hi Edward:-
>I completely agree with everything you say about the Gundam Mark II, you
>summed it up much better than I ever could.

Thanks, this one sticks in my memory more since I had the mobile suit
assembled for a couple of months before I proceeded with its weapons and
other accessories, so most of the problems remained latent during all that
time and needless to say, I was surprised and not too happy to find out
what the complete package turned out to be.

>> - arm joints can be too weak when ammo clips are mounted on the shield,
>> making it too heavy for the arm joint to maintain its original pose.
>It's too weak to support the shield even without the ammo clips on the shield.

Mine manages to get by when the clips aren't mounted on the shield, I guess
it's a matter of polycap variance, which Bandai has yet to address after
years of advance in plamo technology.

>> - it's always a fight to balance the bazooka when mounted on the back.
>Yup, and the bazooka always fall off too.

LOL. There is a point where it'll stay on, but nothing like what the photo
shows. It'd be at an awkward 3:1 point due to the weight of the bazooka
rounds magazine. The only way to fix it is to add some putty on the
interior of the opening end of the bazooka.

>> - the headphone vulcans tend to come off the head and fall apart, glue is
>> definitely recommended there.
>The problem is I don't always want the headphone vulcan on the head... do
>you mean applying glue to make the "slot" it fits in tighter? I might try

I mean gluing each part of the vulcan headset, so if it falls off the head
it won't shatter into 3 modules (L, R, and rear). I don't think there's
much you can do to the connection points between the vulcan headset and
the head itself, because the peg and the slot are just way too shallow.
Adding dried glue doesn't help, maybe cutting a deeper slot into the head
and adding a longer peg onto the headset will help, but I think it just
makes the head look ugly with unsightly giant slots.

>> - the fabric made cable tends to fray, so you should glue it on too.
>This is definitely a huge problems. I've seen people suggesting small
>metallic coil springs, but I've never seen ones that are that long.

Just glue the fabric tube at both ends until you find the perfect
replacement for it.

>> - bazooka clip and beam rifle don't like to stay clipped on the side skirt
>> armor.
>This is definitely my biggest complain, plus the side skirt armour don't
>even stay on the stupid thing after applying glue because it's a poly joint
>of a different shape!

LOL, I have the same problem occassionally, but it doesn't bug me as much
as the horrible skirt armor problems the 1/100 HG V Gundam kits have.

>> - the beam saber handle doesn't stay well on the backpack storage rack.
>I actually found this tolerable...

The right side tends to tip the handle forward while the left side keeps
the handle close to it... that kind of "variance" on the polycaps really
bugs me.

>> All in all if you must have the kit, you should consider a Super Gundam
>> unless the budget doesn't allow it or if you prefer the Titans colors.
>Yeah, I am still thinking about whether I should purchase the Super Gundam.

Nah, save your money for that rumored HGUC GP03 Dendrobium. :)

>> >And oh yeah were did you get the Samurai Gundam 1:60 scale kit?
>> Not sure if he meant the 1/60 Shining Gundam...
>There were 2 different G-Gundam 1:60 kits, it's the one that is not the G
>Gundam with clear see through orange hands. I thought the box called it
>"Neo Samurai" or something, I guess I must have remembered it wrong.
>> Eddie

The only 1/60 G Gundam kits released were the Shining Gundam and the
God Gundam. So yours don't have all 5 fingers being able to move
independently of each other? The 1/60 God Gundam does.


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