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> The beam spray gun is a lower-power, short-range
> weapon capable of rapid fire. It's supposedly
> rechargeable by the GM's reactor, unlike the
> more powerful beam rifle. We've almost never seen
> the beam spray gun used in the animation...

We do! In episode 36 of 0079 TV series (Terror! Mobile
Big Zam), a group of GMs & Balls which stormed inside
Solomon were wiped by a mysterious enemy weapon. The
remaining survivor, Shin (the GM pilot, was that his
name?) went beserk when he finally get to see the
enemy in full, and rapidly fired GM's beam spray gun
at the Big Zam to no avail (Big Zam was protected by
I-Field barrier) before he and his GM faced the wrath
of Big Zam's belly-button mega particle cannon...

> Not that anybody else had many newtypes either.
> The Titans and Axis had the funny problem of plenty
> of newtype mobile suits, and no newtypes. The
> Titans' newtype research labs produce only three
> artificial newtypes between them - Four, Rozamia,
> Geits Kappa - and after Four's death, the Murasame
> labs are forced to borrow Augusta's newtypes to test
> their new hardware...

For the Titans, will you consider Jerid Messa (in
later part of the TV series, upon his return to space
with his MS Byalant) as one of the artifical NT? His
reflex and sense of prediction was certainly better
than his ever was, and in the final episodes he
piloted (Rosamia's) Bound Doc, a MS which can be
handled only by artifical NTs.

As for Neo-Zeon (in Gundam ZZ), Gremmi Toto used to
have a trump card in his clone army of Puru (Elpeo
Ple) and a bunch of Quebeley (mass-production type),
but I wonder what ever happen to them after they've
killed Chara Soon in the final. They seem to disappear
without a trace. :)


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