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> Subject: [gundam] Airs/Ayers City in Gundam Sentinel
> Just wondering about this city since I dont have the Sentinel book and
> the old web page is down now. Anyway, if I remember correctly, this city
> is located on the moon. Is this Granada, Von Braun, or a new city? I
> thought those were the only two lunar settlements. How big is it? Is
> there a map out there, like in the Sentinel book by chance?

Ayers City is located on the far side of the Moon, as is Granada. The chief
feature of Ayers City is that it oversees a mass driver, which means that it's
located somewhere on the Lunar equator, most likely midway between the
terminators, directly "below" Side 3.

Granada's location was given by Tomino as being in the Soviet Mountains, but it
turns out that there's no such thing. The Lunar feature that was originally
named such turned out to be a system of rays, not mountains at all. Judging
from the general location (lower left quadrant) shown in the anime, I'd say it
was in or near the Tsiolkosky crater, which is (probably not coincidentally) the
most prominent feature of the far side.

Von Braun City is supposedly located at the Apollo 11 landing site, Tranquility
Base. But it's also shown as being in a crater, not on the plain. The nearest
crater is Cayley.

Anman City is the only other Lunar colony cited in the anime and I've never
placed that one precisely. It appears to be just to the Sunward side of the
terminator, which would put it midway between Von Braun City and Granada.

For details on what I know (or think I know) about this, browse:



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