Michael Wong x4241 (Michael.Wong@nsc.com)
Wed, 16 Aug 2000 17:28:36 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Edward:-

I completely agree with everything you say about the Gundam Mark II, you
summed it up much better than I ever could.

> I've built the MG Mk-II and I really hated how huge its V-antenna was.
> It was almost unproportional.
> The kit is pretty solid by itself, but once you start adding on the
> accessories, problems start showing. It was almost like they went through
> the design process just focusing on the suit, and its accessories were pure
> afterthought:
> - arm joints can be too weak when ammo clips are mounted on the shield,
> making it too heavy for the arm joint to maintain its original pose.

It's too weak to support the shield even without the ammo clips on the shield.

> - it's always a fight to balance the bazooka when mounted on the back.

Yup, and the bazooka always fall off too.

> - the headphone vulcans tend to come off the head and fall apart, glue is
> definitely recommended there.

The problem is I don't always want the headphone vulcan on the head... do
you mean applying glue to make the "slot" it fits in tighter? I might try

> - the fabric made cable tends to fray, so you should glue it on too.

This is definitely a huge problems. I've seen people suggesting small
metallic coil springs, but I've never seen ones that are that long.

> - bazooka clip and beam rifle don't like to stay clipped on the side skirt
> armor.

This is definitely my biggest complain, plus the side skirt armour don't
even stay on the stupid thing after applying glue because it's a poly joint
of a different shape!

> - the beam saber handle doesn't stay well on the backpack storage rack.

I actually found this tolerable...

> All in all if you must have the kit, you should consider a Super Gundam
> unless the budget doesn't allow it or if you prefer the Titans colors.

Yeah, I am still thinking about whether I should purchase the Super Gundam.

> >And oh yeah were did you get the Samurai Gundam 1:60 scale kit?
> Not sure if he meant the 1/60 Shining Gundam...

There were 2 different G-Gundam 1:60 kits, it's the one that is not the G
Gundam with clear see through orange hands. I thought the box called it
"Neo Samurai" or something, I guess I must have remembered it wrong.

> Eddie


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