Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 16 Aug 2000 15:40:51 -0700

>I just bought the Mark II Gundam MG what's wrong with it? Is it flimsy or
>something? Please if you could elaborate a bit I may be able to take it
>back if
>this thing sucks.

I've built the MG Mk-II and I really hated how huge its V-antenna was.
It was almost unproportional.

The kit is pretty solid by itself, but once you start adding on the
accessories, problems start showing. It was almost like they went through
the design process just focusing on the suit, and its accessories were pure

- arm joints can be too weak when ammo clips are mounted on the shield,
  making it too heavy for the arm joint to maintain its original pose.

- it's always a fight to balance the bazooka when mounted on the back.

- the headphone vulcans tend to come off the head and fall apart, glue is
  definitely recommended there.

- the fabric made cable tends to fray, so you should glue it on too.

- bazooka clip and beam rifle don't like to stay clipped on the side skirt

- the beam saber handle doesn't stay well on the backpack storage rack.

All in all if you must have the kit, you should consider a Super Gundam
unless the budget doesn't allow it or if you prefer the Titans colors.

>And oh yeah were did you get the Samurai Gundam 1:60 scale kit?

Not sure if he meant the 1/60 Shining Gundam...


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