Paul Fields (
Wed, 16 Aug 2000 18:18:33 -0400

> Here's something thats always bugged me. How do you "Say" 0079, 0080,
> 0083, etc.

"Double Oh" like double-O-seven or 007 the secret agent... I'm used
to it from engineering where we say "double ot" as in buckshot used in
shotguns, and "ots" used in machining tools.

> Same goes for the 08th MS team, I say zero-eighth, but i've heard people
> say it without the zero in front.

Okay the zero in front of the 8 in 08th MS team is just used for effect
on the painting of the MS shields, and painting the jeeps and such, but
it does matter when they build the EZ8 Extra-Zero-8 which looks much
cooler than E08 which is how it would have been, or E8 without the
zero in zero eight...


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