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I usually say "double-oh" and the number for stuff like 0080 (eighty) and 0083 (eighty-three), etc., and "Eighth" for 08th MS Team.

Just easier and quicker in my opinion.


On Wed, 16 Aug 2000 16:03:42 -0600 (MDT) Echo|Fox <> wrote:
>Here's something thats always bugged me. How do you "Say" 0079, 0080,
>0083, etc. I've always said zero-zero-eight-zero, but, for example, the
>trailer on the first Wing DVD says "double-oh-eighty-three" which just
>doesn't sound right. Hell, even in 0083 I've heard "double-oh" at least
>once in the subbed version, but I'm sure I've heard zero-zero used in
>various other series.
>Same goes for the 08th MS team, I say zero-eighth, but i've heard people
>say it without the zero in front.
>Not terribly important, but something I wanted to know =)
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