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If you get a chance, try to get Tech Romancer...another good giant robot
fighting game...
VO:OT is one of the reasons I bought a dreamcast in the first place, i'd
recomend this game to anyone who loves piloting giant robots.

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> Well, I got my Dreamcast and boy does it unleash some killer gameplay. My
> first title is VO:OT, which happens to be one of the best games ever.
> you wish they would release a gundam battle game (That's not SD. ^^;) for
> the DC. Virtual On is the next best thing. The graphics are crisp and the
> Mecha designs are beautiful. But what does this have to do with Gundam you
> ask? The lead mecha designer is Hajima Katoki! He scores again with the
> second title in the Virtual On fame. So, run, not walk to your nearest
> game outlet and buy this game. You wont regret it!
> Tomoe
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> finally get a piece of the pie." Mafia!
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