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Wed, 16 Aug 2000 16:39:48 EDT

These are the Gouf and Quebley I was referring to:



I forgot to mention that the gouf need a turnable waist too.
As for the Quebley, more weapons are always welcomed.

By the way, do anyone have a picture of the upcoming MG Gouf? I am curious
at what improvement Bandai is going to bring to the MG line.

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><< Well, I feel that the HGUC Gouf and Quebley are very good models, even
> today's standards. Although I admit that they need more polycaps. But for
> and people who have the Gouf and Quebley already, there is no need to get
> the updated versions. >>
>Well, I disagree if your talking about the original, very first Gundam
>If you are, I cannot understand how the HGUC's are not an improvement worth
>paying for. The very first Gundam kits didn't even have polycaps. I think
>the HGUC's are an improvement. They are much better then the original's.
>Here's a link to pictures of the Gouf:
>I've seen pictures of the actual original Gouf kit and this blow's it away!
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