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You'll need DVD's that are specifically english subtited. I haven't heard
of any japanese Gundam DVD releases with English subtitles, though. There
is a Hong Kong bootleg DVD of Char's Counterattack done from laser disc
source with english subtitles, but its BAD BAD BAD. Read the list archives
for a full review, but it's not worth the money. That goes for any bootleg
DVD, for that matter, even if it says its subbed, you can guarantee it was
translated from Japanese->Chinese and Chinese->English and you're going to
be getting a nigh impossible to understand "translation".

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> I must ask this question? If i get a japanese dvd is there an automatic > funtion to watch it in English subtitle or do i have to get a dvd which says > subtitle > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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