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Wed, 16 Aug 2000 13:10:58 -0700 (PDT)


> Ack!!
> I just bought the Mark II Gundam MG what's wrong with it? Is it flimsy or
> something? Please if you could elaborate a bit I may be able to take it
> back if this thing sucks.

Apparently a lot of people on this mailing list love this kit, I however,
found it to be extremely flimsy. The 2 pieces of side "skirt" will NEVER
stay on to the piece of poly, and comes off very easily, the beam rifle,
bazooka, and bazooka clips which are supposed to attach to the body, also
never stays in place because they are so loose. As for the backpack, I
really hate the tubing thing, the backpack is also a little too "top heavy"
for me. The feet also looks weird because they decided to put in 2 tendon
looking piece of loose plastic in it. The joints are also quite loose.
All in all the MG Mark II was a very unsatisfactory modelling experience
for me. For your information, I got the Titan version of the kit, which
BTW, does look cool in the colour. The only thing that is keeping me from
buying the Super Gundam version to get a white one is because I find the
Titan Mk II itself so lacking, maybe the white Mark II in the Super Gundam
is different, but I am in no hurry to find out.

The NT-1 Alex is another MG that left me sorely disappointed after hearing
so much undeserved praise (in my humble opinion, ofcourse!) on the list.
The model itself is average, but the inferior plastic used in the kit really
detracts from my enjoyment of the kit. I personally found the extra added-on
armour looks plain stupid. The lack of cool weapons is also a negative...
the shortness of this Gundam when compared to other 1:100 kits is my final
complaint. The strange shape of the Beam sabre is a welcome feature to set
it aside from other Gundam models.

> And oh yeah were did you get the Samurai Gundam 1:60 scale kit?

I got my "Neo Samurai" Gundam in Hong Kong when I was working at Citibank
there 3 summers ago. This is my first non-UC 1:60 kit and I have nothing
but praise for this juggernaut (except for the non-individually posable
fingers). My solution was to swap it's hands with the V-2 Gundam (or was
it V?), which is a pretty bad and flimsy kit (pretty much all transformable
Gundams are like that). Buy it if you can find it!


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