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>> > yes but, unfortunatly, they were both assasinated.. by the ones who
>> > didn't want to let go of their big sticks -_-
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>> > -Les
>> I thought Ghandi starved himself to death? Hunger Strike wasn't it?
>> Now the Indian Prime-Minister Ghandi(a woman) WAS assasinated recently
>> although she was hardly a pacifist. Just ask Pakistan about that one. She
>> put more troops at the Kashmere border than anyone before her. :)
>> Emery
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>at the end of the biographical movie on Ghandi's life i saw once he did
>hunger-strike an excruciatingly long time.. but at the end he was shot..
>never figured out exactly why someone did that though

The Hindu extremist who shot him did so because he held him responsible for
the seperation of India and Pakistan. But Ghandi's methods did achieve his
aim, which was India's independence from Britain.

Of course, Ghandi did make mistakes, the worst of which (if it actually
happened, which I'm not 100% sure of) was probably to advise Jews in
Germany to use the same methods he was using against the Nazis. But
although not always successful, these methods CAN sometimes work,
especially when they gain widespread suppourt (at the end of GW, the main
factor working for Relena's ideals is the fact that people will no longer
suppourt warlike leaders).
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