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Les asks,

> do the fortresses of Solomon and A Bou a Qu have any provision for
> Mobile Suit manufacture? or were they all built at Side 3 and Granada?

  A Bao A Qu does, Solomon doesn't. In addition to the Big Zam, A Bao A Qu
also produced the Zeong and the Gelgoog Marine.

> what are the diferences in function and performance of the old GM
> beam-spray guns and 'true' beam rifles?

  The beam spray gun is a lower-power, short-range weapon capable of rapid
fire. It's supposedly rechargeable by the GM's reactor, unlike the Gundam's
more powerful beam rifle. We've almost never seen the beam spray gun used in
the animation...

> Why do we have a Zaku I, II and III; but instead of Zakus IV, V and VI
> we have the Hizack, Marasai and Geara Doga?

  The Zaku III is something of an homage to a never-depicted MSV mobile
suit, the MS-06R-3 Zaku III (which was used as a testbed for the Gelgoog).
The Zaku III seen in Gundam ZZ was designed by the same guy who wrote the
MSV kit manuals, and he says its design and color scheme are derived from
his concept for the MSV Zaku III. All other latter-day Zakus have new names.

> Who put the Bomp in the Bomp-shu-Bomp?

  No idea, but I have a hunch that L.Gaim's Bat-shu can be credited for the
middle part. :-)

> Why do so many Gundams have core fighters instead of the 360 degree view
> Liner seat cockpit?

  The original Gundams pre-dated the introduction of the linear seat and
panoramic display (though it was prototyped in the Alex and the GP03). Once
these came into vogue, the feature was ditched in favor of the newfangled
cockpit. Thus, the Gundam Mk. II and Z Gundam had no core fighter.

  The ZZ Gundam did manage to cram the new cockpit systems into its core
fighter, but by that point the core fighter concept was proving to be pretty
stupid anyway, so for the most part subsequent Gundams used standard

> Was the Nu Gundam the only Federation PsychoFrame Mobile Suit?

  Yep, and the Sazabi was the only Neo Zeon ones.

> what did
> Feddie newtypes have to make-do with between the rise and fall of the
> Titans with their relativly large number of Psycommu equiped Mobile
> weapons and V Gundam?

  Kind of a moot point, as there really weren't any Federation newtypes.
(Excluding AEUG members, the only newtype Federation pilots from 0080 onward
were Amuro and Seabook... and maybe Rain Eim from the Hathaway novels.)

  Not that anybody else had many newtypes either. The Titans and Axis had
the funny problem of plenty of newtype mobile suits, and no newtypes. The
Titans' newtype research labs produce only three artificial newtypes between
them - Four, Rozamia, and Geits Kappa - and after Four's death, the Murasame
labs are forced to borrow Augusta's newtypes to test their new hardware...

> weren't the Crosbone Vangaurd the enemy in Gundam F91? how did they
> become the 'good guys' in Crossbone Gundam?

  The CV were never all that despicable in the first place - Korozo Ronah is
responsible for most of their bad deeds. In Crossbone Gundam, they're now
led by Berah Ronah (AKA Cecily Fairchild), who's a total softie.

> How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

  But he can, can't he?

-- Mark

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