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Richie Ramos wrote:

> >> As for Relena, a recent issue of Protoculture Addicts stated she was
> >> representative of people like Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King...
> >> whose methods were quite effective.
> >
> >yes but, unfortunatly, they were both assasinated.. by the ones who
> >didn't want to let go of their big sticks -_-
> >
> >-Les
> which is one reason why I think that total pacifism is in an integral way
> flawed...

There was a short story that I read quite a while back that had Great Britain
surrender in World War II, and hand India over to Germany. Ghandi's new
counterpart in that story was Model, and as you can expect, the results were
quite different. Unfortunately, peaceful protests depend on a number of
factors, such as the institutions that they take place in, their visibility to
the outside world, etc... If no one else cares, then they usually don't go
too far.


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