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I just bought the Mark II Gundam MG what's wrong with it? Is it flimsy or
something? Please if you could elaborate a bit I may be able to take it back if
this thing sucks. And oh yeah were did you get the Samurai Gundam 1:60 scale kit?
Michael Wong x4241 wrote:

> Dear List:
> Here are my picks:-
> Gundams
> 1) GP-02A A mobile suit equipped with nuclear weaponry that is capable of
> wiping out 2/3 of Earth's fleets. Huge bulky shield and green
> light sabres (like Luke Skywalker). Big feet/clownish or not,
> it's still my absolute favourite gundam.
> 2) RX-178 The Mark II is a big improvement of the the original, too bad
> it's MG counterpart doesn't do justice to this beautiful piece
> of Machinery.
> 3) RX-78-2 I don't care what other people say, the original is still a
> great looking mobile suit after all these years. It's unique
> arsenal of weapons (morning star, hammer... etc.) really set's
> it apart from other Gundams.
> 4) Neo Samurai Gundam This is the coolest looking Gundam from the
> G-Gundam series, with the Gatling Guns and openable face mask
> and panels galore. My absolute favourite regular 1:60 kit,
> too bad the hands do not have individually movable fingers.
> 5) God Gundam Those heat up hands and katana like beam sabres are
> pure coolness.
> Close runner ups: GP-01 (not the Fb version, the cone like thing that extends
> from shoulders look plain silly), NT-Alex (the armor looked too bulky
> and lame, in my opinion Gundams should be sleek and agile looking, not
> fat and clumsy looking), Death Scythe (neat looking wings and scythe).
> Non-Gundams
> 1) Dom Huge cross eye, stylish purple & black color scheme, first Zion
> mobile suit to come with a sabre (even though it's of the lame
> heat variety) makes this the favourite MS of mine. Plus the
> Black Trinary just has this mystical aura around them.
> 2) Gyan Extremely fascinating Medieval Knight design, a huge fat beam
> sabre and the big round shield of death makes this my second
> favourite Zion moble suit.
> 3) Gouf Another interesting color scheme, menacing looking blue plus
> the huge big-ass knife (I don't count big knives as sabres...)
> makes this another favourite. Ranba Ral also adds to the
> appeal of this mobile suit.
> 4) Zeong Unique leg-less Mobile suit with laser beams from each finger,
> the first mobile suit that almost destroyed the RX-78-2 in a
> duel.
> 5) Sazabi Char's last mobile suit won this spot on sheer size and bad-
> assed-ness.
> Michael
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