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>just because you don't agree with total pacifism
>doesn't mean it has no place in g wing, or real life,
>for that matter.
>the issue is NOT about that people with big (and
>bigger) sticks will always be around.
>first problem -- many people WANT to have big sticks
>for the sake of having big sticks. the REAL problem
>and what compounds the first, is that everyone refuses
>to let go of their sticks and insist on, uhm, sticking
>it to everyone else when there are other, ehm,
>stick-less methods of resolution. "because someone
>else might use his stick on me" is just an excuse.
>"because someone else might have a bigger stick" is
>another excuse for arms race.
>paranoia. gotta love it.
>not a total pacifist but enjoyed the whole total
>pacifism schtick in g wing nonetheless :)

I don't care about the reasons for having "sticks". I just see the need
for an equalizing factor against people who like to abuse the usage of
their sticks. and believe me. turning the other cheek is fine in the
idealistic sense...but not when it leads to possible permantent
consequences, like death or genocide or creation of a pattern of abuse.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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