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Wed, 16 Aug 2000 11:22:29 -0700 (PDT)

Dear List:

Here are my picks:-


1) GP-02A A mobile suit equipped with nuclear weaponry that is capable of
                wiping out 2/3 of Earth's fleets. Huge bulky shield and green
                light sabres (like Luke Skywalker). Big feet/clownish or not,
                it's still my absolute favourite gundam.
2) RX-178 The Mark II is a big improvement of the the original, too bad
                it's MG counterpart doesn't do justice to this beautiful piece
                of Machinery.
3) RX-78-2 I don't care what other people say, the original is still a
                great looking mobile suit after all these years. It's unique
                arsenal of weapons (morning star, hammer... etc.) really set's
                it apart from other Gundams.
4) Neo Samurai Gundam This is the coolest looking Gundam from the
                G-Gundam series, with the Gatling Guns and openable face mask
                and panels galore. My absolute favourite regular 1:60 kit,
                too bad the hands do not have individually movable fingers.
5) God Gundam Those heat up hands and katana like beam sabres are
                pure coolness.

Close runner ups: GP-01 (not the Fb version, the cone like thing that extends
        from shoulders look plain silly), NT-Alex (the armor looked too bulky
        and lame, in my opinion Gundams should be sleek and agile looking, not
        fat and clumsy looking), Death Scythe (neat looking wings and scythe).


1) Dom Huge cross eye, stylish purple & black color scheme, first Zion
                mobile suit to come with a sabre (even though it's of the lame
                heat variety) makes this the favourite MS of mine. Plus the
                Black Trinary just has this mystical aura around them.
2) Gyan Extremely fascinating Medieval Knight design, a huge fat beam
                sabre and the big round shield of death makes this my second
                favourite Zion moble suit.
3) Gouf Another interesting color scheme, menacing looking blue plus
                the huge big-ass knife (I don't count big knives as sabres...)
                makes this another favourite. Ranba Ral also adds to the
                appeal of this mobile suit.
4) Zeong Unique leg-less Mobile suit with laser beams from each finger,
                the first mobile suit that almost destroyed the RX-78-2 in a
5) Sazabi Char's last mobile suit won this spot on sheer size and bad-


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