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Joaquin Torres writes,

> The novels state that computers enhance the signal, giving a computerized
> image of the target.

  I'm not sure if this was really the case during the One Year War, but it
is true from Z Gundam on - the display in those panoramic cockpits is all
computer-generated and -enhanced.

> This makes me wonder...what happened when Federation ships first encountered
> Doms and Gelgoogs? What did their sensors register them as?

  In the case of the panoramic display cockpits, once an enemy mobile suit
has been identified, the display swaps in a CG image in place of the fuzzy
visuals. (That's why dummies work - at long ranges, they can fool the
image-recognition software.) When an enemy unit can't be identified, you
just get raw video, which is of much lower quality. In Z Gundam, you can see
mobile suit computers trying and failing to match newly-encountered enemy
units like the Messala.

-- Mark

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