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>1. RGM-79D Cold-Climate GM (colour scheme, face and the machine gun)
>2. RGZ-91? Re-GZ custom/kai (colour and the AK-47 rifle)
>3. RGM-89 Any type of Jegan from CCA, MSV and F-91
>4. MSA-003 Nemo (colour and face) and RGM-79SP Sniper II(Nemo's father)
>5. Virgo II and cube
>1. Lar Kairum class
>2. Magellan
>3. Salamis Kai (0083)
>4. Reyullura and Gwanden
>5. Dogos Gear

Hmmm, if you want to get into non-Gundam MSs and ships, here are mine in no particular order:

Non-Gundam MSs:
MS-09 Dom (and later Rick Dom variants,primarily the way they are shown in 08th MS Tean and 0080 and 0083),
MS-07B3 Gouf (from 08th MS Team),
MS-07H8 Gouf Flight Type (again, 08th MS Team's version), YMS-15 Gyan,
AMX-011 Zaku III (just for the look, haven't seen ZZ to really know yet),
and even though it goes over 5, the MSN-04 Sazabi

Any Musai-class light cruiser,
Ahgama-class Assault Cruiser,
the Albion-type Pegasus-class assault carrier,
the Gwajin-class battleship,
and finally any of the Crossbone Vanguard ships from F91


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