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> do the fortresses of Solomon and A Bou a Qu have any provision for
> Mobile Suit manufacture? or were they all built at Side 3 and Granada?

I don't think they have a factory at Solomon (on the assumption that big zam
was transferred from A Bou A Qu.)

> what are the diferences in function and performance of the old GM
> beam-spray guns and 'true' beam rifles?

Less penetrating (judging by animation, GMs never killed a Zaku with one
Rapid fire (seen in the third movie at Solomon - spraying at the Doms)

> Why do we have a Zaku I, II and III; but instead of Zakus IV, V and VI
> we have the Hizack, Marasai and Geara Doga?

As Chris said, they are developed by different factions.

> Why do so many Gundams have core fighters instead of the 360 degree view
> Liner seat cockpit?

I think RX-78 1 to 3 and GP-01/FB have core fighters. I think the core
fighter in 0083 are just cool. ZZ gundam doesn't count because it is a
transformable/multi part suit. The RX-78's core fighter is able to
interchange with Guncannon and guntank.

> Was the Nu Gundam the only Federation PsychoFrame Mobile Suit? what did
> Feddie newtypes have to make-do with between the rise and fall of the
> Titans with their relativly large number of Psycommu equiped Mobile
> weapons and V Gundam?

They have Hi-Nu as well. Feddie newtypes joined either Titans and AEUG. I
don't think the Feds existed/had power in 0087. The bio-comp in F91 is a
kind of more advanced PsychoFrame.

> weren't the Crosbone Vangaurd the enemy in Gundam F91? how did they
> become the 'good guys' in Crossbone Gundam?

Cecily was in charge and she didn't have the same objective as Iron Mask

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