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Neil Baumgardner writes,

> Just wondering about this city since I dont have the Sentinel book and
> the old web page is down now. Anyway, if I remember correctly, this city
> is located on the moon. Is this Granada, Von Braun, or a new city? I
> thought those were the only two lunar settlements.

  Hardly. Von Braun was the first, but there are a bunch of others,
including Anman in Z Gundam, and I think a couple called Horasm and Neo
Cartagena in V Gundam. Throw in Ayers City, and there are at least a
half-dozen major cities.

> How big is it? Is there a map out there, like in the Sentinel book by chance?

  No idea, and nope. We do get population counts for some of the cities,
e.g. in the V Gundam novelization, which says that their headcount is much
less than that of a space colony. In all, there are probably only tens of
millions of people on the moon, versus a hundred times that in the colonies.

-- Mark

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