Michael Hinchen (hinchen@mindspring.com)
Wed, 16 Aug 2000 10:57:50 -0500

I bet you'll be able to tell what Gundam stuff I have seen so far by my
picks :)

1)XXXG-01D2(Hey it's just freakin cool looking)
2)RX-78GP02A "Physalis"(Big massive and deadly and I don't care what you
say it doesn't look like a clown)
3)RX-78GP01-Fb "Zephyranthes"(Sleek fast and just looks kick ass. Besides
I like Kou.)
4)RX-78 NT-1(Alex) (I love the armor and the pop up gatlings)
5)RX-78-2 Gundam(The original is pretty sweet looking even to a newbie)

Top 5 None Gundams(Even though I like most of these more than the Gundams)
1) Zaku-III(GOD I love this thing. It needs to be done in a 1/100 scale
2) 3 way tie MS-07H8 Gouf Flight Type/MS-14S Gelgoog/AMS-119 Geara doga
3)MS-18E Kampfer
4)RGM-79SP(GM Sniper I love this suit I just wish I could figure out a way
to kit bash a GM MG into one.)
5)MS-06R-2 Zaku-II(J.Ridden's)
Leslie_R wrote:

> just a quick oll, what are yrou 5 most favorite Gundams.. could be from
> any series, movie, model kit.. what have you.. here are my picks
> 1. OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon
> 2. XM-X2 (F97) Crossbone Gundam X-2
> 3. RX-78NT-1 G-4 Gundam "Alex"
> 4. MRX-010 Psyco Gundam Mark-II
> 5. XXXG-00W0 Gundam Wing Zero (both versions)
> -Les
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