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<< Gundam is just like "War.. here it is" no pro or anti slogans.. just a
 rare look at it from usually multiple angles, showing you that the 'good
 guys' aren't the only ones dying for thier cause.. listening to one of
 the rookie Gelgoog pilots at A Baou A Qu cry for his mother while his
 cockpit explodes all around him was one of the things that got to me
 (too often in "realistic" war movies we see all how one side is got it
 so bad, seeing frineds and brothers dying left and right, putting up
 with hardship of every stripe.. but stil leaving the enemy mostly
 faceless and voiceless.. nevermind that the guy you're pointing a gun at
 who you blame for blowing away your frinds just saw many people he cared
 about lose thier lives as well)
 -Les >>

The lesson I come away with is that "War sucks, but its kill or be killed, or
its kill or see your friends die"

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