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okay, something to poke a stick intothe Gundam Guru's nest

do the fortresses of Solomon and A Bou a Qu have any provision for
Mobile Suit manufacture? or were they all built at Side 3 and Granada?

what are the diferences in function and performance of the old GM
beam-spray guns and 'true' beam rifles?

Why do we have a Zaku I, II and III; but instead of Zakus IV, V and VI
we have the Hizack, Marasai and Geara Doga?

Who put the Bomp in the Bomp-shu-Bomp?

Why do so many Gundams have core fighters instead of the 360 degree view
Liner seat cockpit?

Was the Nu Gundam the only Federation PsychoFrame Mobile Suit? what did
Feddie newtypes have to make-do with between the rise and fall of the
Titans with their relativly large number of Psycommu equiped Mobile
weapons and V Gundam?

Who Put the Ram in the Ram-a-Lam-a-Ding-Dong?

weren't the Crosbone Vangaurd the enemy in Gundam F91? how did they
become the 'good guys' in Crossbone Gundam?

and finally

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?



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