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16 Aug 2000 13:49:25 -0000

On Wed, 16 Aug 2000 08:42:23 -0500 Leslie_R <> wrote:
>just a quick oll, what are yrou 5 most favorite Gundams.. could be from
>any series, movie, model kit.. what have you.. here are my picks
>1. OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon
>2. XM-X2 (F97) Crossbone Gundam X-2
>3. RX-78NT-1 G-4 Gundam "Alex"
>4. MRX-010 Psyco Gundam Mark-II
>5. XXXG-00W0 Gundam Wing Zero (both versions)
>"Now we are so happy, we do the Dance of Joy!"
> -Balki Bartokamouse

Hmmm, mine, in no particular order would probably be: OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon, WD-M01 Turn A Gundam, RX-78NT-1 Gundam "Alex", RX-93 Nu Gundam, RX-178 Gundam Mark II.


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