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Andrew Dynon wrote:
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> >Richie Ramos wrote:
> >>
> >>
> >> LIke Marx, who believed in the ability of man to reach a certain
> >> perfection, a lot of pacifists are blinded by the idea that we can achieve
> >> that, or that people in power can achieve that. it's not possible, because
> >> we have to be able to protect ourselves...no matter what...from outsiders
> >> who are hostile. That is why I thnk Gundam UC is so good...because it
> >> shows that point, and how abused that point can be.
> >>
> >> As for AC...well, let's just say that I don't give a whit about Relena's
> >> total pacifism. if she had the guts to order the gwing boys to make sure
> >> that a viable peace -- or stalemate! -- was achievable, then things would
> >> have been much better...no series though, LOL!
> >>
> >as long as there is one.. just ONE beligerent person in the world with a
> >big stick.. somebody with an even bigger stick and the will to use it
> >when nessicariy is gonna be needed to keep him in line.. that's just the
> >way it is
> >
> >-Les
> And this is EXACTLY what the Preventers are (well, what they are designed
> to be, anyway).
> As for Relena, a recent issue of Protoculture Addicts stated she was
> representative of people like Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King...
> whose methods were quite effective.

yes but, unfortunatly, they were both assasinated.. by the ones who
didn't want to let go of their big sticks -_-


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