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<< Buy model kits, fill the lines yourself... :P >>

  I happen to like MSiA's. In fact, they are excatly what I wanted Bandai to
do. I wanted a line of affordable, well detailed, action figures. I don't
know why some have to give them a bad rep.

  I filled in the USA GW figures panel lines. I agree about filling in panel
lines, it makes kits look MUCH better. I was surprised at how much better my
kit looked, when I first started filling the lines in. The Gundam X kit I
have, I gave up on, it has TONS of panel lines! It has an insane amount of
panel lines, almost like tattoo's! :)

   I've been using Pigma Micron ever since I found out about them, about a
year ago. I've been filling the panel lines ever since.


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