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>Richie Ramos wrote:
>> LIke Marx, who believed in the ability of man to reach a certain
>> perfection, a lot of pacifists are blinded by the idea that we can achieve

>> that, or that people in power can achieve that. it's not possible, because

>> we have to be able to protect matter what...from outsiders

>> who are hostile. That is why I thnk Gundam UC is so good...because it
>> shows that point, and how abused that point can be.
>> As for AC...well, let's just say that I don't give a whit about Relena's

>> total pacifism. if she had the guts to order the gwing boys to make sure

>> that a viable peace -- or stalemate! -- was achievable, then things would

>> have been much series though, LOL!
>as long as there is one.. just ONE beligerent person in the world with a
>big stick.. somebody with an even bigger stick and the will to use it
>when nessicariy is gonna be needed to keep him in line.. that's just the
>way it is

I tend to believe that it's some sort of biological/evolutionary imperative,
no matter how much that rankles me as an intellectual being. War is part of
man, it's just how one deals with it or sublimates it that makes the difference.
 at it's basest, it is pure and simple violence, at it's highest, it's a battle
to see that some good comes into this world through peaceful means (an irony,
I know).

Well, as long as the guy with the bigger stick is responsible enough to stow
it when there is no need for it, but keeps it polished for the day when another
person with a stick comes around, then we should be fine as a race.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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