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On Tue, Aug 15, 2000 at 08:00:51PM -0800, fsjmk wrote:
> My money-grubbing pals like to anticipate what the hot toys are going to be
> for the holidays so they can make a killing selling a few on eBay. So they
>were talking the other day, making wild guesses and I threw out the suggestion
> that, since Gundam Wing was big right now (and with Endless Waltz to debut
> close to Halloween time on the 'Toon Network) and since the Wing MSIAs are
> making it over to the USA right now only in limited quantities, it's safe to
> say that these things will be huge during Christmas time. Especially the
> Endless Waltz variation MSIAs. What do you think?

They're definitely not "limited quantities"; I can get them here in Austin
at the following locations easily (and pick up an entire set at each

        Toys-R-Us (3 locations)
        Software Etc. (the one alongside Barnes & Noble, 3 locations)
        2-3 various comic/anime stores in town (one of which has at
                least 30 or 40 in stock)
        Movie/DVD chain store in the mall (I cant remember the name)

etc. The Wing MSiAs are being as mass-produced as the DBZ stuff; I wouldnt
be surprised to see them show up at Wal-Mart soon if they're not there
already. Maybe they're hard to get in other cities, but here in Austin,
I can go out with $100 and and be back in an hour with a complete set and
change left over easily.


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