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Joaquin Torres wrote:
> Oops. Let me clarify. I should have added that maybe the black color aids in
> radar absorption or the additive or substance that makes the paint radar
> absorbant is black. I really don't think the black color is for visual
> camoflage...I think it's a property of the radar absorbant paint.
> The paint scheme on teh 2/3 prototype wasn't terribly important. What was
> actually being tested with that aircraft was the radar reflective properties of
> the faceted surfaces. Then, the paint scheme was probably geared more towards
> hiding the craft visually during test flights.
> Joaquin Torres
Les only knows what the Skunk Works people who ere interviewd by the
discovery channel said.. and that was that the black color was an
sthetic desicion, not a practical one.. who's to say what colors the
radar-absorbant paint can or can't be mixed in?


> Leslie_R wrote:
> > yes certainly, i'm just talking about it's color, not it's anti-radar
> > properties
> >
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