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Tue, 15 Aug 2000 21:11:28 -0400

I like to think that a loyal Zavi follower spirited her away...either to raise
her as a future Zeon leader or just give her a normal life.

I like to think that Shin Matsunaga rescued her from Kahn to make up for his
absence at Solomon.

Joaquin Torres

Chris Maier wrote:

> Whatever happens to her? After ZZ Gundam, I mean. I read the synopsis on
>'s not supposed to be the best Gundam series, so
> spoiling myself was no big deal) and it states the Minerva dissiapears
> leaving a decoy behind. Now this is interesting. If her fate is undecided,
> anybody think that the last surviving Zabi could emerge again?
> Maybe she could get some of the remaining Axis followers, or join up with
> the Jupiter Energy fleet, since there certainly loopholes in the Gundam
> continuity in which these events could happen..."Duchy of Zabi" anyone?
> Chris
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