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Subject: Re: [gundam] Ugliest Gundam(Except Turn A and G ones)

> I liked the gp02 in the animation, but I have to admit, the kit does look
> rather clownish... the turn a I don't like at all tho.. .the turn x is
> cool tho

Ahh, you gotta look past the clownishness. If you remove the shield and pose
it just with the bazooka, it looks pretty good. It also manages to keep its
balance this way. (Mine's in a 'Git some!' stance with the bazooka off at
45deg, standing tall, crooking a finger.) You can also skeletalize the legs
a bit to make it look sleeker. =)

You want clownish, look at the Zeon amphibious MS. ^_~

- dom

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