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Well, I've started the white base kit, I'm going a little crazy with the
putty filling in the cracks in the hull joints, but other than that, it's
The tiny mobile suits are "cute"... tiny but very cool.

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> > I was wondering if anyone has built any of the following kits... I'm
> >about to start one of them and want some opinions. I've got a 1/1200
> >"White Base" - I've never built any of the spacecraft from gundam,
> >seen or built this kit?
> This is the better White Base kit - Bandai made 2 plastic injection kits
> it, the other one is a tiny 1/2400 one which lacks the features your kit
> - Removable hangar doors where you can store little (I don't think they
> were true to scale at 1/1200) Gundam, GunCannon, and GunTank (included)
> - Opening central hangar door where you can store the GunPelley, whose
> must fold up for storage (included)
> >Also, I have a HG rx-78 gundam by Kunio Ohgawara and a Neo Gundam RX-99
> >from Siluette formula 91. Any opinions? steve
> Personally I think the HG RX-78 was a very lame kit - its only redeeming
> value was the System Injection design, which allows you to put it together
> without painting. I think they tried a primitive version of the V-frame
> this kit and it did not work out very well. The joints also tend to wear
> out/become loose compared to more modern kits. If you don't mind painting
> and lack of polycaps, get the FG kit, which has better proportions and
> detailing.
> With the SF91 line, you may need to reinforce the right hand as some of
> have trouble holding up their guns.
> Eddie
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