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Tue, 15 Aug 2000 15:53:36 -0500

Looks like I wont have to order from mail order or overseas anymore. 8-)

Went by a "Comics & More" shop on south Lamar that had a big hand-lettered
"GUNDAM WING" sign in the window. They had all the MSiA Wing action
figures, but I asked the guy, "got any other Gundam non-Wing stuff?"

They had the movie on VHS (english dub, but I take what I can get) and
a couple of MSiA Zakus.

Plus, he dug out (from a big pile of stuff in the back) a Turn A Gundam
model, but the box is kinda strange - it looks like it might be a cheap
imitation knockoff - anybody seen this box/kit before:

I ended up getting it, was only 9.95.

He said "for the older stuff, try Animagix, just south of the baskin
robbins on the drag" (Guadalupe).

Holy Jesus, BatMan. The MOther Lode.

When I mentioned to the guy there "its nice to see you have non-Wing
stuff here" he said "We beleive the universe DOESENT revolve around
Cartoon Network". Sure, they had a good selection of Wing (mostly Custom
1/100s and the EW HG stuff), but they had a TON of UC stuff, some MSiA
1/144s (gouf, Dom), had a 1/60 (I think that was the scale) Dom, and just
TONS of other stuff. I *almost* bought a 1/60 RG-78 "Mechanics Model",
sits on a stand, you can take off panels to show the robotics underneath
(this was (c) '83 on the box, and LOOKED to be that old..), but will go
back for it next payday... Plus, posters, wall scrolls, etc. Ended up
just getting a bunch of gashapon (cuz I'd blown my wad at the other
store) but I'm going back there next week. 8-)


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