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Tue, 15 Aug 2000 11:24:30 -0700

Trent writes,

> Will infra-red sensors be affected by Minovsky particle? It is on the
> low-frequency side after all.

  Minovsky particles do block infra-red to some degree, but it remains the
preferred method of long-range detection; even if you can't get a visual
image, you can still track fusion-powered machines by their heat emissions.
Witness the sequences in 0083 in which bridge crews report incoming heat

Richie Ramos asks,

> uhm...pardon me for being dumb...but why then are stealth planes colored
> black?

  Probably because, in modern-day warfare, it's considered more important to
avoid visual detection than infra-red detection. There are a number of
reasons why infra-red detection is going to work less well in atmosphere
(not to mention that stealth fighters aren't fusion-powered), but most
importantly, radar is a much better alternative.

-- Mark

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