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>Well hey...look at it this way...Amuro has no MS training...he read the
>manual (because he's a newtype and he soaks up tech knowledge like
> case anybody has forgotten that's the second attribute of a
>newtype; more intelligence) and the got onto the thing. Basically intution
>and instinct is what got him those kills. That only comes from being a
>>after he meets his own ace-of-aces ot play with it's only the radical
>>supiriority of the Gundam compared to Char's Zaku that keeps him alive
>>(if Char had taken a bazooka with him instead of his machine-gun..
>>bye-bye Amuro) granted though while Kou improves at a crawl Amuro
>>improves by leaps and bounds.. to where while at the end of his
>>involvment in the Zeon-Federation conflict Kou is a slightly better than
>>average pilot, Amuro is at the end of the OYW a level of magitude above
>I think Amuro would have beaten Kou anyway. Even in the RX78 in a beam
>saber battle.

I think that Amuro at the beginning would have had his ass handed to him by
a top cadet like Kou (he has to be a top cadet to be in a test team, even
if he is the target paractice dodo). BUT, as soon as amuro learned how to
use the gundam...damn...even with only a beam saber and a shield, he would
have been able to knock out kou. case in point: kou relies a lot on
frontal combat...Amuro loves to play dirty, since he has no notion of
playing fair when it comes to war. the Nu has a hidden saber for heaven's

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