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>I was just imaging the moment I get into a cockpit or in fact, any kind of
>weapons, I think I would feel "I want to kill some enemy" more that "God
bless my
>family, friends etc.". I guess everyone is different, but I reckon Gundam is
>"pro-war" more than "anti-war".

Ahem...Inwould rather say "I will kill for my family" than say "I will not
kill and endanger my family because of my principles of anti-violence..."

>Even after we saw those "anti-war" scenes, we still have an army. How
come? We
>have been through painful times such as WWs and we still haven't learnt? We
>might know about the facts but we cannot truly eliminate the idea of war
>(Relena's idea)
>Like Antoine said: L'essential est invisible pour les yeux.
>The essential (facts like these) is invisible to the eyes.

LIke Marx, who believed in the ability of man to reach a certain
perfection, a lot of pacifists are blinded by the idea that we can achieve
that, or that people in power can achieve that. it's not possible, because
we have to be able to protect matter what...from outsiders
who are hostile. That is why I thnk Gundam UC is so good...because it
shows that point, and how abused that point can be.

As for AC...well, let's just say that I don't give a whit about Relena's
total pacifism. if she had the guts to order the gwing boys to make sure
that a viable peace -- or stalemate! -- was achievable, then things would
have been much series though, LOL!

again , my two cents. I am sorry if I offended anyone, but my beliefs on
the problematics of total pcifism are as they are. my apologies.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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