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Well, of course, if it had to make sense, the colours for space based
Gundams would be black, the colours for ground based would be green
camouflage and etc. But then who'd want to watch a bunch of black things
flying at each other on a black background? Two things decide the colour of
the MS. Style, and the viewer being able to see them. :p

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>Subject: Re: Subject: Re: [gundam] Ugliest Gundam(Except Turn A and G
>Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 00:02:04 +0800
> >>Full armor Hyaku shiki, very tacky. and its gold!
> >imagine if that was made of the gold Char had and mixed with whatever
>Anaheim used (was it Gundanium alloy)? LOL!
> >>the MS of series aces really do stand out, don't they, with
> >>all the bright flashy colors that ruin any chance of
> >>stealthy actions... and yet they do, and they get away with
> >>it. Isn't it a total embarrasemnt to have this huge bright
> >>shiny mech sneak up behind you?
> >the color scheme a certain pilot uses for his unit (MS/Valkyrie/whatever)
>is significant in the sense that it also serves as a psychological weapon,
>wherein they use it for enemy units to recognize that this certain pilot is
>here and if he/she is an ace pilot, then they'd better beware. it sure is
>embarassing to have a shiny gold-colored unit sneak up on you, although if
>that's freaking fast then you'd better have one helluva skill to fend it
>off and survive alive, or somewhere near alive.
>That's the point of the ace colors...they're good enough to survive even
>with those also IS a psych weapon, not just against the enemy
>but for the allies, who'll know that there are aces in the field. In a
>sneakier sense, it focuses attention on the ace, allowing grunts to get a
>free shot at idiots who go for the ace...which is the reason I think why
>Char had such good people backing him up...of course, there's no way to
>describe how he knocked out the five (or seven?) has to see
>it. I saw that on a PS gundam game I got....
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