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I am very bad at communication, so please bare with me and remember that these
are my own opinion.

I don't think homosexuality can be promoted because it is in the genes. However,
I am not so sure about violence. I have to admit I get thrills when a GM blows
up a Zaku or visa versa. Does this mean violence? I guess so, because I would
have done the same. At the same time, you get scenes such as Chris MacKenzie?
picking up that music box from the floor and the pilot seat of Kampfer with 9 cm
holes all over it + blood stain. That's anti-war. From AC, you get Zech and
Noin fighting in Endless Waltz without killing any of the Serpents' pilots. As
some said, it is about protecting things which is important, just like Chris who
told Alfred that she will fight to the end. It is the chicken and egg business
because there wouldn't be any war from the beginning of time, so there is nothing
you need to protect from.

I was just imaging the moment I get into a cockpit or in fact, any kind of
weapons, I think I would feel "I want to kill some enemy" more that "God bless my
family, friends etc.". I guess everyone is different, but I reckon Gundam is
"pro-war" more than "anti-war".

Even after we saw those "anti-war" scenes, we still have an army. How come? We
have been through painful times such as WWs and we still haven't learnt? We
might know about the facts but we cannot truly eliminate the idea of war
(Relena's idea)
Like Antoine said: L'essential est invisible pour les yeux.
The essential (facts like these) is invisible to the eyes.

Thanks for reading.

"On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur.  L'essential est invisible pour les yeux."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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