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Tue, 15 Aug 2000 09:35:41 -0500

In terms of power, N-Ziel is definitely one of the strongest, considering its
ridiculous generator capacity. But when it comes to real combat, no units can
top the funnel-equipped ones. With its immense size and rather delicate frame,
N-Ziel makes the perfect target for close-up funnel attacks from say, the Quin
Mantha -- that is if she is not piloted by some 10-year-old clown.

Combining the power of Psycho Gundam and the performance of Qubeley, Quin Mantha
is designed to be the ultimate Mobile Armor-class unit.

But then if a wacko Psycho II couldn't even damage Zeta (bear in mind that it is
studded with MP cannons -- that's supposed to kill instantly!), who needs power?

Mark Simmons wrote:

> > 7) How many Zeons fled to Axis and Mars? And was there good relations
> >all of the time between the Delaz Fleet and Axis? What was the most powerful
> >mobile armour in the UC universe up until CCA?
> The Neue Ziel is major contender - it's much bigger than the Psyco
> Gundams and the Quin Mantha, and has ridiculous performance.

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