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But they are still fond of one another. This is demonstrated in some of the
final episode, and in the extra episodes included in the Encore OAV, where
Max and Mylene do the same thing they did in the Satellite factory-except
this time they have to deal with Meltrandia.

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>>>>>>>>>>>I'm pretty sure all the Macross guys ended up in a relationship.
Hikaru got
>Misa, the II guy got the fighter pilot, Isamu got Myung(Well, sort of) Max
>got Miria(Although they kind of split up a little)and Basara's like Tenchi,
>he's got so many females surrounding him(Syvil, Mylene, the Biker girl, the
>flower girl, Mylene's sister in the movie) that he has absolutely no idea
>what to do...
>What happened to Max and Miriya by the end of 7? did they stay together or
split up?

IIRC they split up, although they're still together, as Miriya is the mayor
of the Macross 7 colony ship, and Max is the captain of the battle section
of the Macross 7 colony ship.

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