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Not to mention the Xammel....but remember, it was pretty much only Allen out
of the team that died, and Colont(sp?) team wasn't even related to Burning's
team at all.

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>1) piloting skills
>hikaru by a long shot. hikaru's been flying stunt
>circus since he was a kid, and kou's still flying
>target practice for the real pilots.

I'll have to agree on this...hikaru is a damn good pilot...

>kou may have some latent piloting ability, but it sure
>never matured throughout the series, even as hikaru
>was getting comfy with the valkyries from day one.
>even hikaru's, er, 'familiarization flight' went off
>better than kou's disastrous shakedown. hikaru ended
>up hitting on minmei and misa, and kou ended up
>getting his buddies killed.

huh? I don't think he was responsible for those deaths...besides, he had
Gato and a couple of his flunkies to deal DOMS, no less...

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