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>>>>>>Remember Misa and Hikaru's relationship was going really well until Minmey
ran away from her singing career and pulled a disappearing act? She showed
up at the doorsteps of Hikaru's pad and asked to stay over for the night.
Misa was going to reconcile with Hikaru but when she realized who was
inside she eavesdropped and then went to a bar and got shitfaced alone (this
was Xmas eve or a day before it). Anyway, their relationship deteriorated
from there on.

By the last episode, Misa was contemplating resigning from the military to
avoid the embarrassment of having to deal with Hikaru on a daily basis, but
changed her mind when the captain of the Macross asked her to be the captain
of the scout fleet that will search the galaxy for suitable planets for the
human race to colonize so that "culture" would thrive even if the Zentradis
returned to wipe out the rebuilt earth. She went to Hikaru's pad before the
final attack on the city started to bid Hikaru farewell and, since she will
not be seeing him for some time to come, mustered up the courage to confess
that she loved him much like the way Hikaru confessed to Minmey before he
scrambled to the fight with the main Zentradi fleet that just wiped the
whole earth out about 2 years ago.

But what about the ending? I thought that after the destruction of the SDF1 Hikaru told Misa he loved her too..


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