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>>>>>>>>>>>>I'm pretty sure all the Macross guys ended up in a relationship. Hikaru got
>>Misa, the II guy got the fighter pilot, Isamu got Myung(Well, sort of) Max
>>got Miria(Although they kind of split up a little)and Basara's like Tenchi,
>>he's got so many females surrounding him(Syvil, Mylene, the Biker girl, the
>>flower girl, Mylene's sister in the movie) that he has absolutely no idea
>>what to do...
>>What happened to Max and Miriya by the end of 7? did they stay together or split up?
>IIRC they split up, although they're still together, as Miriya is the mayor of the Macross 7 colony ship, and Max is the captain of the battle section of the Macross 7 colony ship.

No, they had split up, but by the end of the Macross 7 tv series, they are back together. They overcome their differences during the series.

As for the Megaroad question you had in your earlier message, not quite. Yes, it dissappeared near the center of the galaxy, but the Varuta couldn't have done it. See the spoiler below.



The Megaroad dissappeared in 2016. However, there were no Varutans at the time. Varuta was found and named by the colonists of the Megaroad-13 in 2025. The colony prospered for 18 years until in 2043 they awakened the protodevlin and were taken over by them. 2 years later, the New Macross 7 fleet arrived and were attacked and the New Macross 5 fleet was destroyed and most of its people captured by the protodevlin after they landed on the planet Rax.

So, yes, the SDF-2 Megaroad-01 dissappeared with Misa, Hikaru and Minmei, but it was not the Varuta that did it. It is one of the great mysteries of the Macross universe as to what happened to them.


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