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KurenaiJiku wrote:
> !!!!!
> rules.
> :)
> Oh c'mon...who else can beat the original...it's like saying Kou can beat
> Amuro!!! ^^;;
Kou could beat Amuro.. at least the early amuro..

think about it, Kou's first live-action is against a renowned ace pilot
in a similarly equiped if not superior mobile suit and he just managed
ot keep his neck in one piece long enough for Gato to realise he was
wasting time he didn't have.. Amuro after taking an obviously superior
mobiel suit agaisnt two of yesterday's model (granted the second kill
showed some skill the first one could have been passed-off as luck) and
after he meets his own ace-of-aces ot play with it's only the radical
supiriority of the Gundam compared to Char's Zaku that keeps him alive
(if Char had taken a bazooka with him instead of his machine-gun..
bye-bye Amuro) granted though while Kou improves at a crawl Amuro
improves by leaps and bounds.. to where while at the end of his
involvment in the Zeon-Federation conflict Kou is a slightly better than
average pilot, Amuro is at the end of the OYW a level of magitude above


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