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>At 04:49 08/13/2000 +0800, Richie Ramos wrote:
>>Hmmm...my two cents. I think the orchis platform is meant to be used as a
>>point attack vehicle, something to disrupt enemy lines.
> I think you guys missed the point.
> The GP03 system (both S and D) is designed to be a Strategic Space
>Control weapon -- IIRC. Now, what does that mean?
> That means such a system must be capable of neutralizing all enemy
>threats within a strategic sector. This includes enemy ships, bases,
>defenses and MSes, as well as sundry spacecrafts, etc. That's why the GP03D
>has those strange anti-MS missiles. The anti-ship missiles are for capital
>ships, the anti-everything cannon is for anything bigger than a GT -- as
>Cima no doubt found out.
> The GP03D is fast because it *has* to be fast -- you can't control a
>sector by putting along -- enemy units will just get behind you and laugh at
>you. It's big because it needs to carry enough stores to handle enough of
>anything the enemy might throw at it. It has an I-field because it's so
>frigging expensive the Federation can't afford to lose one! (But they did
> To be honest, I see the GP03D as more of a defense/interdiction unit
>rather than offense. Yes, it has great offensive capability, but it's rather
>limited -- get too careless with those missiles, and you end up losing a lot
>of effectiveness. The cost of such a unit is also quite offensive -- you can
>easily purchase a half dozen MSes with the (expected) cost of such a unit,
>and those 6 MSes probably can do the job just as effectively given the same
>amount of support you give the GP03D. And those 6 MSes are probably more
>flexible than a honking huge MA.
> However, as a defense/ interdiction unit, where you are pretty
>assured of supplies and is relatively sure where the enemy is going to come
>from, the GP03D really shines. Just park the supply ship somewhere safe, and
>let the Big D boom and zoom around the sector/ interdiction line killing
>everything that pops up. I think the GP03D can probably sink a squadron
>(3-6) Musais in a few minutes, using classic boom-zoom tactics, but more
>than that and you can end up in a real fight..

imagine if they sent it out on one mission wherein it was to kill all the capital ships - it would be armed with loads of demolition chains. heck, in SD Gundam Generation (I haven't played G Gen Zero - it can't play on my copy of Connectix VGS 1.4), once you can set up a good place to fire demolition chains at Gato's Neue Ziel, you'll win with at least 10,000 HP remaining.
I had one game there (I lost as the colony hit earth) where I got off a lucky demolition chain shot that killed Gato's Neue Ziel, 3 capital ships, and 4 Rick Dom II's (and making 8 more surrender) and I still had 13,000+ HP remaining hehehehehe...too bad I lost that game scenario. I'll retry that once I finish up with my exams...

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