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>here's my two cents on the topic, not really worst, just
>The RX-78 with all the trimmings (I think that's what they
>called the perfect gundam). Freakin wierd MS man. The way
>they colored it looks like it has this big huge neon sign
>pointing right at saying that "there's a gundam over here"
>that totally ruins the whole idea of using minovsky to

LOL...IIRC wasn't that color was the "presentation colors" which was eventually kept?

>the Virsago is actually a cool looking mech, if it only
>didn't have this stomach cannon....
>the tentacled mech Koroso was using, tacky.
>the color scheme for Hajime Katoki's DeathScythe....

LOL...the DH Custom had a better color scheme

>the wing zero kinda looks fat.

hmmm...I'd call it muscular, but not as much as the EX-S ^_^

>the altron's pretty cool, but what is wrong with that
>the G-3 looks like it was painted with primer (I did this
>to my 144 RX-78 and it does look like the G-3).

the G-3 had an unfinished painting process, hence the primer? that's a good one!
personally, I haven't used primer for any of my kits, and maybe that explains why the paint on my 1/144 Hygog was flaking off...

>Full armor Hyaku shiki, very tacky. and its gold!

imagine if that was made of the gold Char had and mixed with whatever Anaheim used (was it Gundanium alloy)? LOL!

>the MS of series aces really do stand out, don't they, with
>all the bright flashy colors that ruin any chance of
>stealthy actions... and yet they do, and they get away with
>it. Isn't it a total embarrasemnt to have this huge bright
>shiny mech sneak up behind you?

the color scheme a certain pilot uses for his unit (MS/Valkyrie/whatever) is significant in the sense that it also serves as a psychological weapon, wherein they use it for enemy units to recognize that this certain pilot is here and if he/she is an ace pilot, then they'd better beware. it sure is embarassing to have a shiny gold-colored unit sneak up on you, although if that's freaking fast then you'd better have one helluva skill to fend it off and survive alive, or somewhere near alive.

"watch out fellow Virtual On Oratorio Tangram player! here comes AJIM-boy!"

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