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>BlazeEagle@aol.com wrote:
>> With more time and experince, Kou and Keith will probably be very good
>> pilots. I would like to see what happened to them after 0083.
>No clue what happens to Keith after the battle (other than the fact he pilots a
>Zaku for at least a little while, of course), but I always figured that the
>dropping of Kou's sentence only applied to the time spent incarcerated. I always
>figured he'd be out of the military for the rest of his life (i.e. discharged as
>a result of the initial sentencing). I suppose there's no way of proving that,

Keith was shown to be piloting a Gelgoog (probably from Cima's unit hehehehehe) in the end of 0083...as for Kou, maybe he and Keith went back as "targets" for prototypes, only this time they're using Gelgoogs.

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